Rapid Prototyping

Micro Molding Inc. can provide prototyping services for our customer’s analysis review and approval. Virtually any 3 dimensional cad file that Micro Molding Inc. produces can be generated into a .stl file format to be used in the stereolithography process. We can provide this rapid prototyping service to help our customers in the design of their product, this process allows the end user to hold a model of their product in their hands, to check for proper design parameters. This process offers a very quick turn around, depending upon the complexity of the design a typical turn around may be 3 to 4 days. If a model of a specific material is desired Micro Molding Inc. can provide a low volume production part created from a silicone mold with a urethane material to simulate the same material characteristics of the part required. We can also apply this process to create zinc prototype parts, and more.